Northern Arterial Motorway \ Christchurch Northern Corridor Project - NZTA

The Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC) will extend the Northern Motorway through to QEII Drive and Cranford Street and includes a new four-lane motorway starting just south of the Waimakariri River and then continue to link with Cranford Street with off-road pedestrian and cycle facilities linking to existing and new cycle facilities in the area. It will be built to high modern safety standards and will also move heavy traffic off suburban roads making them safer, encouraging walking, cycling and the use of public transport – especially through Redwood and Belfast.

This new motorway is critical to supporting the continued growth of Christchurch as a business centre and the export hub for the South Island’s economy, and to improving journey times for commuters. Many of these commuters have rebuilt their homes in North Canterbury following the earthquakes.